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Nourish MyBusiness: Project Management

Between the promise you’ve made to yourself and your business and the actualized palace of what you’ve envisioned…there is the process. That process is also often decorated with many projects. What limits are you experiencing in your business? What projects have you not taken the time to commit too? What things would serve your business actualizing greater results? I invite you to explore possibilities beyond your current reality and am eager to serve you in the area of project management and execution.

Nourish MyBrand: Marketing

I want to know the company you own that needs a creative, organizational, marketing influence. I want to be captured by your vision and determine marketing actions to make your brand meaningfully connect to your customers. Story connects with us in a way that facts don’t. I want to know your story, I want to share your story, I want to connect others to your story. Areas of support include, but are not limited to: marketing strategy and style guide build outs, content creation, recipe development & networking with key marketing affiliates to support your initiatives.