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Personalized Meal Planning 

We will meet for up to one hour reviewing things like your food restrictions, preferences, budget, places you shop and lifestyle in order for me to get to know your ‘food self’. Next I get to work planning and you digitally receive your weekly meal plan on Saturday of each week for the following week, in order to best prepare. Throughout our journey together we stay connected through additional recipes, product suggestions, restaurant ideas, recipe conversions, etc. 

My weekly meal plans are sourced from a variety of locations including food & health magazines, websites, cookbooks, Pinterest pins, blogs and will be referenced accordingly as a means to connect you with great resources, chefs & creatives in the food world! 

Meal Plan Subscription

Love to cook? Hate to plan? Spend too much money convenience shopping or eating out? Take the thought out of what you’re going to eat this week! Gain access to my personal weekly meal plans that are tasty, creative, approachable, clean, healthy and will allow you to taste test for yourself a variety of dietary approaches. 

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MyNourish Detox Meal Plan

Set yourself up for success, feel awesome and eat great on your detoxification with the MyNourish Detox Meal Plan. A customized plan of breakfast and lunch ideas and a dinner plan that encompasses all components of the Vive Integrative Health detoxification program.


NourishMe Recipe Development

Are you a food product vendor? Do you have delicious goods and ever get asked- How do I best use them? Are you so clearly focused on creating and operating that recipe ideas are just 'another thing'? I am ready to support you in visually  connecting with your customers by providing a co-branded, digital, professionally photographed recipe package that features your products. You keep focused on doing what you are great at and let me do the recipe design work, personally catering to your products and brand.

MyNourish Dinner Club

The MyNourish Dinner Club is designed to connect with local restaurants that are all offering foods that are free from certain ingredients- but lacking nothing in creativity or flavour! Tickets to an evening would include your exclusive access to an evening of tasting a variety of food and drink from the selected restaurants menu- while also interacting with staff and hearing more of the story behind the chef and restaurant. Each evening is labeled on what is the 'free from theme' - ie. Gluten Free, Plant Based, etc. Click below to check on upcoming event dates. Interested in being a featured restaurant- connect now!

'What Now?' Conversation

Have you recently been told you cannot have a certain ingredient or have you selected to cut something out of your diet? Are you asking 'what now?' Bring your questions, anxieties and food wish lists for our one-hour conversation. You will leave having been heard, empowered and resourced to tackle this new found lifestyle. Follow up will include an ongoing resource in MyNourish & a 'Coles Notes' sheet that will include ideas for YOU- including restaurants to try, tasty products to add to your pantry, resources to access and a handful of recipes to start you on your journey. You are committed to living your best life and that means being aware of what your body needs and nourishing it accordingly- but that doesn't mean you have to feel like you're living without!