MyNourish provides personalized consultative meal planning, recipe development for product vendors and marketing support for lifestyle, health and food brands.

For meal planning, I serve individuals participating in detox programs or experiencing dietary restrictions based on diagnoses, sensitivities or personal preferences—helping to take the 'think' out of it for you.


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Resilience. I taught it for years to young people through my position as a Director at a non profit. I led teams, I managed budgets, I crafted marketing campaigns, facilitated trainings and genuinely loved what I did. You see resilience is about bouncing back- it stems from being confident in who you are, surrounding yourself with those that build you up and choosing to live out the vision you have for your life. That was all put to the test for me when the economic down turn impacted my then passion. I grieved big. And on top of it all- I was pregnant with my second and hesitant to dream big in an economy that wasn’t breeding confidence to step into entrepreneurship.

Before and during, I also went on a personal health journey of discovering what no doctor could seem to figure out. My gut was sore most of the time, my digestive process slow, I was carrying a bit more weight than I wanted and I suffered from low energy and waves of anxiety. I personally eliminated most foods from my diet, and upon reintegration found gluten to be the number one trigger and certain dairy elements to be a close second. I have also since had Naturopaths confirm this same information through a detox program. I solved all these past body challenges through diet and lifestyle changes and fell in love with food in the process. While most receive food restrictive news with an, “oh no….what am I supposed to eat now, am I left only to eat bird seed?”, I took this more as personal challenge of how can I live my best life, give my body the best chance and yet still enjoy the things I love? 

So with a generous dose of both tenacity and trepidation I did it. MyNourish was born and it has been MyNourishment. It has nourished my soul, proved to me resiliency and has unleashed bigger visions around a well-nourished life.

You see I’m a planner, I read cookbooks for fun, I meal plan for my family (outlined on my chalkboard pantry door) and I geek out on new recipes and researching food restrictions. While I’m not a nutritionist, dietician or other certified health consultant- I am a mom, I am a foodie, I live with a dietary restriction and I am committed to living my best life and that means being aware of what my body needs and nourishing it accordingly- while not feeling like I’m living without. I want food to be tasty, fun, approachable, affordable, creative and colourful.

I’ve combined my history in business and marketing with my love of food, planning and recipe creation and I’m bringing it to you-- to take the 'think' out of it —and in the process I hope to spark your creativity, connect you to food and brands that you love, support your families plates and your business marketing goals- contributing to us all living our best, most nourished lives!